Don’t Nag Us to Pay Legal Bills Early

Please don’t nag us to pay your December 10th invoices by year end.    It’s just not our problem that you woke up the day before Christmas Eve and realized your partnership points / bonus payment / bragging rights would fall short if you didn’t collect a lot of receivables by year-end.

The last time we dusted off your engagement letter, there was something in there about paying in 30 days.  We do.  Sometimes a little later, but more often sooner.

Oddly enough, we also have a year-end crunch to collect receivables.  We can only imagine the reception we’d receive from our customers if we dropped them a “friendly reminder” email on December 23 asking for  payment of an invoice that only arrived a few days earlier.

Those customers might find another vendor who understands that merely asking to be paid early sends a very disturbing message.

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